Frequently Asked Questions and its Fatawa


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A brief introduction to the fatwas of the Standing Committee for Scholarly Research and Issuing Fatwas 285.1 KB
A Christian complains about prohibition of Muslims celebrating or congratulating people at Christmas 26.4 KB
A Christian is asking about the reason for the prohibition on pork 25.7 KB
A Twelve-year-old Muslim girl whose father is an atheist and her mother is Christian 288.3 KB
Acceptance of repentance 27.8 KB
Accepting a gift from a kaafir on the day of his festival 255.6 KB
Applying a Substance to the Lips to Make them Swell up 27.5 KB
Ask Those Who Know 221.5 KB
Attitude towards Fitnah 249.8 KB
Believing Precious Stones Have Certain Powers 201.5 KB
Can a person be excused for not praying because he is unaware that it is obligatory? 231.3 KB
Can he delay Hajj because he needs the money that he has? 243.3 KB
Can he give his zakaah to his married daughter who is poor as her husband is missing? 240.9 KB
Can the Person Who Repents Be Sure that His Repentance Has Been Accepted? 23.2 KB
Can they join Maghrib and ‘Isha’ prayers at the university so as to pray in congregation? 294.6 KB
Celebrating the Mawlid and other occasions, and offering food on these occasions 227 KB
Celebrating the Night of the Israa’ and Mi’raaj 242.7 KB
Changing an evil is something that does concern a Muslim, it is not one of the things that do not concern him 210.5 KB
Clarification about the spread of innovated du’aa’s 246.8 KB
Combining three of the six days of Shawwaal with the Ayyaam al-Beed 233.1 KB
Conditions for valid marriage contract 228.3 KB
Conditions of a Sahih (sound) hadith 241.4 KB
Conditions of wiping over socks 278.5 KB
Conditions, essential parts and Sunnahs of Jumu’ah khutbahs 248.6 KB
Dealing in alcohol, supplies for Christian holidays, condoms and cosmetic creams 238.8 KB
Dealing with the fitnah (temptation) of women 26.7 KB
Delaying Hajj for no reason 26.7 KB
Delaying making up fasts 232 KB
Detailed discussion of bid’ah and shirk 21.6 KB
Determining the Qiblah by Means of the Sun 27.4 KB
Did Shaikh Muhammad ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhaab rebel against the Othman Caliphate and what was the reason for its fall ? 27.5 KB
Did the wives of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) perform Hajj 249.8 KB
Does a slave woman become free if her master marries her? 237.4 KB
Does acupuncture affect the fast? 29.2 KB
Does being raised to the status of their parents in Paradise apply to all offspring young and old 244.3 KB
Does she have the right to ask for divorce if her husband is having haraam 232.5 KB
Doing extra acts of worship on occasions when sin is widespread 267.6 KB
Du’aa’s for paying off debt 25 KB
Eating ‘Ashoora’ food and spending extra because of someone’s birthday 293.7 KB
Eating food that is made for ‘Ashoora’ 244.3 KB
Entering into a partnership with a person who deals with bribes and riba 236.2 KB
Entering the washroom with a ring on which the name ‘Abd-Allah is written 225.7 KB
Evidence for the prohibition on commercial insurance 241.2 KB
Examples of good deeds we can do every day to increase our hasanaat 291.3 KB
Fasting ‘Ashoora’ for one who still owes days from Ramadan 298.3 KB
Fasting in countries where the day is very short or very long 257.8 KB
Fasting in the month of Rajab 238.7 KB
Fasting lasts until the sun sets and is not as some of the Shi’ah say 272.9 KB
Fatwa Concerning Taraweeh 247.6 KB
For how long is it obligatory to stay in Mina after offering the sacrifice? 232.9 KB
For Whom Is Fasting Ramadaan Obligatory? 200.7 KB
Friendship and love between a man and a woman 231.1 KB
Guidance of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) regarding Eid prayers 276.1 KB
He Cannot Be Patient When His Wife Has Her Period 28.7 KB
He committed a sin and does not know what he should do now 229.3 KB
He did not pay zakat al-Fitr; should he pay it now? 261.8 KB
He has the habit of looking at nude pictures 28.8 KB
He is afraid that he may become sick because of being underweight; is he allowed not to fast during Ramadan? 25.5 KB
He Is Homosexual and Wants a Remedy 21.1 KB
He is suffering from waswaas (insinuating whispers) of the Shaytaan about the Essence of Allaah 28.1 KB
He Is Worried and Distressed as a Result of a Haraam Relationship 27.8 KB
He joined the prayer behind the Imam but his intention was different from that of the Imam 235.1 KB
He swore by something other than Allah that he would divorce his wife 235.3 KB
He wants to propose marriage to a girl whose father puts his money in the bank 236.1 KB
Her Husband Is not Satisfying Her Sexual Desire 25.7 KB
Her period came before she reached the meeqaat 231.4 KB
Hesitation of a Christian woman who wants to become Muslim 237.4 KB
His mother will be angry if he does not celebrate Mother’s Day 231.1 KB
How a woman should wipe her head when doing wudu’ ? 24.3 KB
How can we repent from shirk? 237.8 KB
How do we know when ‘Aashooraa’ is this year? 293.1 KB
How much zakat al-fitr is and when it should be paid 266.5 KB
How should I send salaams upon the Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) when visiting his grave? 236.9 KB
How to be successful in life 258.7 KB
How to offer the funeral prayer over more than one grave 232.3 KB
How to wipe over the slippers or socks? 25.3 KB
Husband refusing to tell his wife how much he owns 24 KB
I am praying for a righteous husband but nothing has happened 234.1 KB
I divorced my wife irrevocably but I want to take her back. I know that tahleel marriage (i.e., marriage to another man in order to get divorced from him so that she can go back to her first husband) is haraam, and that in order for me to marry her again, 237.1 KB
If a man or a woman wants to offer the sacrifice, they should refrain from cutting their hair and nails 204.4 KB
If a person starts to observe a naafil fast then breaks his fast 270.1 KB
If He Intended to Break His Fast then Changed His Mind 26.8 KB
If the ignorant person is excused, can he be left in his ignorance? 272.5 KB
If the time for wiping over the socks ends or he takes off his shoes 298.4 KB
Intention and du’aa’ during prayer 27.2 KB
Is he excused for not praying in congregation when it is raining? 238.6 KB
Is it better to do the ‘Aqeeqah or to give its price in charity? 29.3 KB
Is it essential for him to stay with the imam until the end of Taraweeh prayer in order to be rewarded? 26.1 KB
Is It Essential to Offer Expiation as well as Making up Missed Fasts, If a Person Delayed Making Them up with No Excuse? 27.7 KB
Is it obligatory to obey a ruler who does not rule according to the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him)? 240.9 KB
Is it permissible for a pregnant woman to join two prayers if she is facing hardship due to pregnancy? 27.9 KB
Is it permissible to buy things that are made from the skins of animals that were not slaughtered according to the shar‘i method? 22.4 KB
Is it true that the Day of Judgement will come on a Friday, 10th Muharram? 24.3 KB
Is it true that there are no da’eef reports? 271.3 KB
Is love before marriage better? 227.1 KB
Is the husband of her husband's daughter a mahram for her? 230.5 KB
Is the person who sights the new moon of Ramadan on his own obliged to fast? 269 KB
Is the reward for prayer reduced by half if one does not have a sutrah? 262.9 KB
Is the supplication of an insane person answered? 227.4 KB
Is the udhiyah obligatory for the pilgrim doing Hajj? 22.1 KB
Is there a connection between Sin and Shirk? 258.3 KB
Is zakah due on manufacturing equipment? 239.3 KB
It is better for pregnant and breastfeeding women not to fast if it is too hard for them to fast 21.9 KB
It is haraam to bury the dead inside mosques 224.6 KB
It is not essential for socks to be of leather 273.9 KB
It is not permissible to give zakah to one on whom you are obliged to spend 263.1 KB
It Is Obligatory to Do Ghusl Following Intercourse even if no Ejaculation Takes Place 28 KB
Joining prayers because of rain 29.8 KB
Khula’ is not regarded as a talaaq even if the word talaaq is used 27.3 KB
Love 238.1 KB
Marrying Someone Who Is Infected with and Is a Carrier of Hepatitis B 27.3 KB
Meaning of the hadith “No haamah and no Safar and no naw’ and no ghoul” 245.7 KB
Meat in restaurants in non-Muslim countries 228.7 KB
Menstruation and an Expiatory Fast 29.1 KB
Mistakes made when entering ihraam for Hajj on the day of al-Tarwiyah 28.2 KB
Misyaar marriage: definition and rulings 24 KB
Offering Eid prayer alone at home 262.2 KB
Praying at graves and the conditions of intercession 26.6 KB
Ramadan fasting is not acceptable if one does not pray 26.9 KB
Recommendation to fast Taasoo’a’ with ‘Ashoora’ 202.5 KB
Regarding the number 13 as unlucky 22 KB
Repent before it is too late 230.6 KB
Reward for memorizing Qur'an 235.1 KB
Ruling on attending Easter celebrations 237 KB
Ruling on buying special sweets sold on the Prophet’s birthday (Mawlid) 237 KB
Ruling on celebrating Valentine’s Day 250.4 KB
Ruling on cooperation among Muslims, and different aspects of that, and how to achieve that 22.2 KB
Ruling on Cosmetic Surgery 26.1 KB
Ruling on drinking from the mouth of the bottle 233 KB
Ruling on giving a copy of the Qur’an with a translation to a kaafir 24.1 KB
Ruling on giving everything one owns in charity 238.7 KB
Ruling on Masturbation and How to Cure the Problem 27.1 KB
Ruling on Mut’ah (temporary) marriage 24.9 KB
Ruling on offering congratulations at the beginning of the Hijri year 224 KB
Ruling on putting the Holy Qur’aan on a mobile phone or carrying it in one's pocket 242.1 KB
Ruling on singling out ‘Ashoora for fasting 289.8 KB
Ruling on Slaughtering One Animal for both Udhiyah and 'Aqeeqah 27.3 KB
Ruling on takbeer in unison before the Eid prayer 283.1 KB
Ruling on taking payment for interpreting dreams 235.4 KB
Ruling on the game Who wants to be a millionaire 27.5 KB
Ruling on the one who denies the Hereafter, and how to convince him 281.6 KB
Ruling on Travelling for fun (tourism) 237 KB
Ruling on unknown meat from kafir countries 229.2 KB
Ruling on wearing black in mourning for the dead 229.6 KB
Rulings on lost property (al-luqatah) 23.5 KB
Scholars' Fatwas regarding the Annulment of the Proofs Rreported in Favor of Rajab 207.9 KB
Sexual Talk between Spouses by Phone 23 KB
She did not make up her missed fasts for many years 236.3 KB
She found out after marriage that her husband is a Raafidi (Shi’i). What should she do? 26.9 KB
She is confused about women’s rights in Islam 281.1 KB
She is studying in a mixed university and she wants to leave it and wear niqab even though her parents object 239.1 KB
She wants to become Muslim but she envisages a problem with regard to Hajj and official papers 240.4 KB
She wants to run away from her father who hits her 236.7 KB
Should a traveller offer the prayers in shortened form in his house or pray in congregation in the mosque? 270.3 KB
Should He Fast on the Fifteenth of Sha’baan even if the Hadeeth Is Da’eef? 25.6 KB
Should He Forsake His Family Who Reject the Sunnah? 22.2 KB
Should she go to the church with her mother to make her happy? 23.4 KB
Sincerity in Hajj 29.2 KB
Solution to the Palestinian issue 24.4 KB
Talking to One's Wife over the Internet and Finding Pleasure in that 28.5 KB
The admission of one spouse to Paradise 228 KB
The anti-Islam Dutch film – comment, criticism and advice 207.8 KB
The best way to call those who do not pray and to deal with innovators 267.1 KB
The difference between their saying “a saheeh hadeeth” and their saying “its isnaad is saheeh” 21.1 KB
The hadith: “Conceal the engagement and proclaim the marriage” 237.1 KB
The meaning of the idea that Allah is in heaven is that He is above the heaven 251.5 KB
The merits of Islam 220.8 KB
The Misguided Sect of al-Qur’aaniyyeen 28.4 KB
The Muslims beliefs concerning the Messiah 2.4 MB
The Myth that Sex on Tuesdays Is Harmful 28.8 KB
The prohibition on fasting in the second half of Sha’baan 242.1 KB
The punishment for breaking the fast in Ramadan with no excuse 23.5 KB
The reason why the torment of the grave is hidden from man 228.7 KB
The reward for qiyaam al-layl 20.1 KB
The Sahih Sunnah is Wahy (Revelation) from Allah 258.3 KB
The status of Hajj in Islam, and the conditions of it being obligatory 240.2 KB
The virtue of fasting ‘Ashoora’ 202.1 KB
The virtue of observing alot of supererogatory fasts in the month of Muharram 25.7 KB
The virtue of Taraweeh prayers 29.8 KB
The Virtues of Ramadaan 25.3 KB
The_muazzin_gave_the_adhan_seven_minutes_before_the_proper_time_and_they_broke_their_fast 270 KB
There is no clean place to do wudoo 233.1 KB
There is nothing in Islam to say that anal intercourse is permissible 25.9 KB
They differ concerning the timings of the prayer; who should they follow? 227 KB
They go against sharee’ah and use as an excuse the fact that there are righteous people who do that 281.3 KB
Travel and tourism (Siyaahah) in Islam – rulings and types 287.1 KB
Travelling to a land in which evil is widespread 244.3 KB
What are the Scriptures of Ibrahim (peace be upon him)? 242.3 KB
What Is Said just prior to Intercourse 25.8 KB
What is the ruling on sending salaams to the Prophet (PBUH) 246.6 KB
What Is the Sickness Which Permits a Fasting Person to Break His Fast? 25.7 KB
What is the wisdom of creation of this universe ? 25.6 KB
What should a person do who has the problem of looking at women? 29 KB
What Should Be Done if Eid Coincides with Friday? 21.3 KB
What the Shi’ah do on ‘Ashoora’ is bid’ah (innovation) and misguidance 234.5 KB
When should the takbeer for Eid al-Fitr begin? 266.1 KB
When zakat al-fitr should be paid 261.3 KB
Which is the middle prayer? 240.6 KB
Who is the person of good character whose statement about sighting the moon may be accepted? 237.1 KB
Why did the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) not tell us when the Hour would begin? 233.9 KB
Why do we pray Zuhr and ‘Asr silently? 223.3 KB
Why Is It Forbidden for a Woman to Have Multiple Husbands at One Time? 26.7 KB
Why is it not permissible for a Muslim woman to marry a kitaabi man when the opposite is permitted? 24.2 KB
Why isn’t the puffer for asthma regarded as breaking the fast? 27.5 KB
Why was Isa (peace be upon him) singled out to be lifted up into heaven? 232.8 KB
Will the person who intends to fast ‘Ashoora during the day be rewarded for his fasting? 208.6 KB
Woman doing Hajj with a group of women and with no mahram 237.6 KB